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Speaking test, Part 2 (Cue Card) question Talk about a city/town you would recommend as a good place to live or visit (it can't be your hometown). You

 IELTS Council آیلتس:

Speaking test, Part 2 (Cue Card) question
Talk about a city/town you would recommend as a good place to live or visit (it can't be your hometown). You should say

- what it is
- where it is located
- how you know about it
- and explain why you would recommend it as a good place to live or visit.

Model Answer

When I think of a good city to live, I think Islamabad; it has won my heart with its beauty and its kind-hearted people. Islamabad is located in the heart of Pakistan, and it is the capital city of Pakistan. I grew up in South Africa, and the only knowledge I had about Pakistan and Islamabad was the negative image created by the media. Many years later, I travelled to the city with my family and found that this place was nothing like what I had seen on TV.

Each street is lined with trees, and there are parks and greenery everywhere. Sometimes we just drive around the city and marvel at all the beautiful trees and flowers. Apart from this, the city is a first-world city and you can find basically everything you would in any western country. There are fast food outlets like McDonald's, large shopping malls and big-name international brands that operate here.

But the thing that amazes me the most about this place is that it is super clean, and this is mostly because the residents take pride in their city and homes, and so they take care of their surroundings.

Another feature is that it is perfect for tourists, it has everything a modern city can have, plus it's very green and the cost of living is highly affordable. You could live like a king here even earning the minimum wage of most first-world countries.

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