#Bitcoin Trading Styles - Futures Intraday

Intraday or intraday trading is trading with the aim of profiting from price movements during one trading day. Although by definition, intraday is intraday, the concept comes from traditional markets where sessions are limited in time. In crypto, intraday can move from one day to another. Anything more than 2-3 days is swing trading.

Here, positions can be held from several minutes to several hours; trading is carried out manually without robots based on technical analysis. Intraday trading requires sufficient time to monitor market trends and identify potential market entry points. And, of course, it requires discipline. Because in day trading, as in any other style of short-term trading, it is easy to kill a deposit.

Leveraged day trading is the trading style I prefer most of the time. This style requires a lot of attention and constant presence in the market, which for most will be a minus. But I like it, because it is + - a familiar and understandable mode of operation for me.


There is no strong link to the news background, you can trade even in a bull market, even in a bear market. I can open a chart almost any day and look for some kind of short-term trade, because small price movements are enough with leverage.

The total profit from many intraday trades can be much more than one long-term trade. But overtaking the medium and long term is not so easy - it all depends on your risk management.


A permanent presence in the market is required.

This style of trading requires experience and observation, and is not always suitable for beginners. Especially those who have a tendency to violate risk management and discipline problems.
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